Richard Attenborough and Robert Downey Jr., on the set of Chaplin.

This is who I am now. And you’ll never know who I was before. 

Sebastian Stan at Chicago Comic Con 23rd Aug 2014 [x]


s t a r  - l o r d   m a n

"I remember as a young actor being treated contemptuously by people I hoped would be great. And I thought, You’ve got this amazing life, you’ve probably got everything you want, why are you behaving like a cock? I knew that if I ever found myself in that position, I’d remember to treat people with equanimity and kindness." — Tom Hiddleston




New still of Chris Pratt in Jurassic World (2015)

i’m a heterosexual man and i’m screaming

Chris Pratt is my new role model in life and fitness

this man needs to be stopped.

the world has changed and none of us can go back


» Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. countdown to season 2 

26 Days - Favorite Female Character

Jemma Simmons
"But I also have a duty as a SHIELD scientist to pursue this,
to save lives!"
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ice bucky challenge: throw the winter soldier on yourself


Born to be a king, I ask one thing in return: a front seat to watch Asgard burn.