ughhhh i hate how people always like try to start drama i sWEAR! that fucking picture of tom with a dog is a MANIPULATION someone made and is obviously really good! & when they posted it underneath they put MANIP and something else but when i saw it i knew someone would erase that part & sure enough someone did. Now everyones like OMG TOM WITH DOG TOM TOM TOM IS THAT YOU??? TOM!??!?

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  1. marlenemorken answered: hahahaha people.
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  3. hiddlememes answered: and how about that Tom in a kilt pic? I’m guessing that is a manip, but everyone responds to it like it’s real.
  4. mystolenrelicloki answered: With Fernir? It’s so beautiful, but really, who can get confused? It’s an obvios manip.
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