Which one? o.o the one I have as a icon or..?

Oh no not that one!! :) that ones adorable although i think it is from the Facebook thing when someone took his pics idk. I meant this one though  I couldnt find the original post but thats the picture.

With Fernir? It’s so beautiful, but really, who can get confused? It’s an obvios manip.

Yeah that one!! Thats what people think but theres always SOMEONE who doesnt see that it is

and how about that Tom in a kilt pic? I’m guessing that is a manip, but everyone responds to it like it’s real.

I SAW THAT ONE TOO! The other day and someone fell for it too! Its crazy like seriously yall just no

ETA: Here it is!!!

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  1. hiddleswiggles said: It makes me laugh when people flips at manips and not for the right reasons I must say. I mean when you see a good manip, just enjoy it.
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